Manhattan Often described as the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of the world, Manhattan County needs little introduction. Home to the most densely populated of New York City’s five boroughs, the island offers a bustling city energy for residents and visitors alike. Its famous grid-like layout makes it easy to navigate and helps to frame […]


Bronx The only New York City borough on the North American mainland, the County of Bronx lies north of Manhattan across from the Hudson River.   The history of the Bronx is a testament to its resilience. For generations, the area housed a network of small farms that supplied city markets. It eventually developed into […]


Orange Directly north of the New Jersey-New York border, Orange County is the only county in New York that borders both the Hudson and Delaware Rivers. Named for the Prince of Orange, the county is full of natural marvels that speak to its rural roots.   The western corner of Orange County is bordered by […]


Westchester Westchester County is the second most-populous county on the New York mainland. Life in Westchester is the perfect blend of suburban charm and cosmopolitan convenience. Its numerous mass transit options and roadways into New York City make it the ideal place for commuters to reside. A bustling suburbia in its own right, this Downstate […]


Rockland The smallest of New York’s mainland counties, Rockland boasts a noteworthy string of beautiful towns and hamlets just miles from Manhattan. Less rural than neighboring Orange County, the land is decidedly residential. Rockland County offers a variety of industries, with many residents working jobs in health, retail, construction, and research. For residents who choose […]


Putnam Located just an hour outside of New York City in the Hudson Valley, Putnam County offers a touch of country life and stunning natural vistas to the growing population of locals that call it home. Though compact in size compared to neighboring Westchester and Dutchess, Putnam is one of the most affluent counties in […]