What Is A Title Company?

Title Company

What if you bought a home, moved in, then found out that the home actually belongs to someone else? Believe it or not, this was a relatively common phenomenon back in the day. 

Someone would sell a home, thinking that they had a legal right to do so. Then a long-lost spouse, relative, or neighbor would come out of the woodwork, claiming that the home was sold illegally, because they owned the title. 

Thankfully, title companies prevent this from happening today.

What Do Title Companies Do?

  • They will do a thorough background check to make sure that the owners do actually own the property. 
  • They will also look for any outstanding liens, mortgages, judgments, unpaid taxes, leases or easements. Then, they will provide you with a detailed report about what they found.
  • They also issue title insurance. So if they made a mistake during escrow, and someone has the legal right to claim the title on your home down the road, you’ll be compensated adequately. 


Depending on the area, the cost for these services can be anywhere from [$175 to $1000+] and they’re typically required by the bank when you’re taking out a loan. But even if it wasn’t required, every buyer should still work with a good title company, because the peace of mind they provide is worth every penny! So be sure to ask your Realtor® which Title companies they recommend, then ensure that their recommendations are reputable. 

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