How To Hire The Right Real Estate Agent

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I’ll admit that I’m a little biased, but I wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs to have an amazing real estate agent on their side.

But there are tons of agents out there! So, how do you cut through the noise and find an agent who’s going to work for you?

Glad you asked!

Here are 4 simple tips that will help you find the right real estate agent to represent your best interests:

  • Know what you want. All real estate agents are not created equal. They have varying degrees of expertise, work ethic, and specialties. Before you choose, make sure that you’re hiring an agent that aligns with your market, values, and niche.
  • Get recommendations from your network. Referrals are a great way to find a real estate agent! People aren’t going to recommend someone they hate working with.
  • Look for someone active and experienced. You want your agent to be knowledgeable about the area. Check out their social media and give them a search on Google to see what they’re up to. You can also ask for a list of recent transactions to get a better idea of the types of homes they sell and in what areas.
  • Find someone who meets your needs (and who you like). Buying or selling a home is stressful. You’re going to want a real estate agent who can keep you from climbing the walls and stressing out. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone or don’t think they’ll be there to talk you down, they’re not the right agent for you.

If you’re thinking about making a move (or know someone who is), I can help! Just reply back to this email or send me a text. No pressure, no sales tactics, just helpful advice and the guidance you need!

And finally, if you’re not thinking about making a move just yet, feel free to save this page for future reference, so you can come back to it! 



Nina Rodriguez

Nina Rodriguez

I'm Nina Rodriguez. I am a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Realty. I live and work in the Hudson Valley and love everything this area has to offer. If you live or thinking about moving here, you have come to the right place! Stay up to date on Events, Outdoors, Real Estate, and more. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon! See you around town! | 914.685.8222

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