Hudson Valley Top Lawyers in 2022


From adoption law and commercial litigation to medical malpractice and tax law, the Hudson Valley’s top lawyers have the expertise you need. By Hudson Valley Magazine


Barry H. Friedman
Barry H Friedman Attorney & Counselor at Law
Poughkeepsie; 845.471.7600

Michael S. Goldstein
Michael S Goldstein, Esq., LCSW
Rye Brook; 914.939.1111


Stephen Bergstein
Bergstein & Ullrich, LLP
New Paltz; 845.469.1277

Kara J. Cavallo
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP
Walden; 845.764.9656

Samuel S. Coe
The Law Office Of Samuel S. Coe
White Plains; 845.393.4263

Ellen A. Fischer

Sholes & Miller, PLLC

Edward J. Guardaro, Jr.
Fullerton Beck, LLP
White Plains; 914.305.8634

Annette G. Hasapidis
Hasapidis Law Offices
Scarsdale; 914.533.3049

Terry D. Horner
Feldman, Kleidman, Coffey & Sappe, LLP
Fishkill; 845.897.5199

Ann R. Johnson
Finkelstein & Partners, LLP
Newburgh; 800.529.2676

Dana K. Marjieh
Black Marjieh & Sanford, LLP
Elmsford; 914.704.4400

William T. O’Connell
Goldberg Segalla, LLP
White Plains; 914.798.5465

Wayne M. Rubin
Feldman, Kleidman, Coffey & Sappe, LLP
Fishkill; 845.897.5199

Jeffrey S. Sculley
Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.565.1100


Victor J. D’Ammora
Lucchese & D’Ammora, LLP
Brewster; 914.948.8600


Daniel R. Alcott
Dorf & Nelson, LLP
Rye; 914.381.7600 x 102

Maureen Crush
Crush & Varma Law Group, PC
Goshen; 845.615.9010


James P. Connors
Marshall Dennehey, PC
Purchase; 914.977.7310

Mony B. P. Yin
Perez & Morris, LLC
New City; 845.826.8070


Mary Aufrecht
Clair Gjertsen & Weathers, PLLC
White Plains; 914.472.6202

R. Spencer Lauterbach
The Lauterbach Law Firm
New City; 845.671.3132

Robert S. Lewis
Law Offices of Robert S. Lewis, PC
Nyack; 845.358.7100

Ronald V. De Caprio
Law Office of Ronald V. De Caprio
New City; 845.406.4201

Michael A. Fakhoury
Michael A. Fakhoury, Esq., PC
Fishkill; 845.875.4442

Andrea B. Malin
Genova, Malin & Trier, LLP
Wappingers Falls; 845.298.1600

Armand P. Mele
Junge & Mele, LLP
Tarrytown; 212.269.0061

Richard Schisano
Murphy, Schisano & Rosado, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.562.1515

Michelle Trier
Genova, Malin & Trier, LLP
Wappingers Falls; 845.298.1600


Laura M. Catina
Catina & Mara, PLLC
New City; 845.709.8968

Stephen E. Diamond
Stenger, Diamond & Glass, LLP
Wappingers Falls; 845.298.2000 x115

Brian M. Hand
Jusmedico Law Group
Chappaqua; 914.603.8900

Adam Kurland
Adam K. Kurland Attorney At Law, PC
New City; 845.6384700

Howard Protter
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP
Walden; 845.778.2121

Tracy Reimann
The Law Firm of Tracy Christen
Reimann, PC
Somers; 914.617.8447

Gary M. Schuster
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP
Walden; 845.778.2121

Michael Treybich
Treybich Law, PC
Poughkeepsie; 845.554.5295


Brian T. Belowich
Belowich & Walsh, LLP
White Plains; 914.265.6068

Carlos M. Calderón
Clark Gagliardi & Miller, PC
White Plains; 914.946.8900

John M. Flannery
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP
White Plains; 914.872.7111

Joshua J. Grauer
Cuddy + Feder, LLP
White Plains; 914.761.1300

Ira H. Lapp
Neimark Coffinas & Lapp, LLP
New City; 888.725.7424

J. David MacCartney, Jr.
Feerick Nugent MacCartney, PLLC
South Nyack; 845.353.2000

Robert V. Magrino
Robert V Magrino, PC
New City; 845.639.2411

Rebecca B. Mantello
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP
Walden; 845.778.2121

Robert Irving Miller
Sholes & Miller, PLLC
Fishkill; 845.447.8000

Phillip J. Murphy
Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney At Law
New City; 845.639.6600

Robert J. Nahoum
The Law Offices of Robert J Nahoum
Nyack; 845.232.0202

Kara M. Nelson
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP
Walden; 845.778.2121

David L. Posner
McCabe & Mack, LLP
Poughkeepsie; 845.486.6874

Kelly A. Pressler
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP
Walden; 845.778.2121

Sheryl A. Sanford
Black Marjieh & Sanford, LLP
Elmsford; 914.704.4404

Andrew P. Schriever
Cuddy + Feder, LLP
White Plains; 914.761.1300

Nicole M. Varisco
Brooks & Berne PLLC
Elmsford; 914.573.8707

Christopher D. Watkins
Watkins Law
New Paltz; 845.419.2250

William P. Weininger
Beldock & Saunders, PC
New City; 845.267.4878


Richard R. DuVall
McCabe & Mack, LLP
Poughkeepsie; 845.486.6858

Brendan M. Goodhouse
Cuddy + Feder, LLP
White Plains; 914.761.1300

Claire M. Hankin-Wray
Goldberg Segalla, LLP
White Plains; 914.798.5434

Stephen M. Honan
Feerick Nugent MacCartney, PLLC
Nyack; 845.353.2000

Frank P. Izzo
Rivkin Radler, LLP
Poughkeepsie; 845.554.1805

James K. Landau
McCarthy Fingar, LLP
White Plains; 914.385.1030

Peter J. Larkin
Wilson Elser
White Plains; 914.872.7847

Richard M. Mahon
Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.565.1100

Joseph G. McKay
Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.565.1100

Raymond V. Nicotera
Law Offices Of Raymond V. Nicotera
White Plains; 914.253.6563

Gregory J. Spaun
Welby, Brady & Greenblatt, LLP
White Plains; 914.607.6425

Amy Mele
The Law Office Of Amy Mele
West Nyack; 845.596.8260

Russell M. Yankwitt
Yankwitt, LLP
White Plains; 914.686.1500


Nicole P. Aldridge-Henry
Black Marjieh & Sanford, LLP
Elmsford; 914.704.4400

Lisa J. Black
Black Marjieh & Sanford, LLP
Elmsford; 914.704.4400

Chevon Andre Brooks
Brooks & Berne, PLLC
Elmsford; 516.521.9736

Mario Castellitto
Traub Lieberman, LLP
Hawthorne; 914.586.7052

Joseph A. Catania, Jr.
Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.565.1100

Michael E. Catania
Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.565.1100

Henry N. Christensen, Jr.
Norton & Christensen
Goshen; 845.294.7949

J. Scott Greer
Lewis & Greer, PC
Poughkeepsie; 845454.1200

Patricia E. Habas
Rogers, Habas & Eisen, PC
Orangeburg; 845.359.5400

Colleen E. Hastie
Traub Lieberman, LLP
Hawthorne; 914.586.7075

Howard Jacobowitz
Vouté Lohrfink McAndrew Meisner & Roberts, LLP
White Plains; 914.946.1400

Evan B. Rudnicki
Black Marjieh & Sanford, LLP
Elmsford; 914.704.4408

Thomas S. Tripodianos
Welby, Brady & Greenblatt, LLP
White Plains; 914.607.6440


Erin K. Flynn
Clair Gjertsen & Weathers, PLLC
White Plains; 914.472.6202

Elizabeth Haas
Kirby Aisner & Curley, LLP
Scarsdale; 845.708.0340

Brett M. Milchman
Clair Gjertsen & Weathers, PLLC
White Plains; 914.472.6202


Robert J. Levine
Corrigan Baker & Levine, LLC
White Plains; 914.468.0197

Michelle F. Rider
Catania, Mahon & Rider, PLLC
Newburgh; 845.565.1100

Vikas Varma
Crush & Varma Law Group, PC
Goshen; 845.615.9010


Daniel E. Bertolino
Daniel E. Bertolino, PC
Upper Nyack; 845.358.9700

Richard A. Berube
The Law Office of Kevin M. MacKay
Poughkeepsie; 845.462.0001

Joseph F. Buono
The Law Office Of Joseph F. Buono
Fishkill; 845.765.1050

Christopher S. Coleman
McCabe Coleman Ventosa & Patterson, PLLC
Poughkeepsie; 845.209.1355

Donald J. Feerick, Jr.
Feerick Nugent MacCartney, PLLC
South Nyack; 845.353.2000

Yvonne Garbett
Law Office of Yvonne Garbett
New City; 845.290.2492

David I. Goldstein
Law Offices of Goldstein & Rayner
Pearl River; 845.356.4600

John Ingrassia
Larkin Ingrassia, LLP
Newburgh; 845.237.3255

Kevin M. MacKay
Law Office of Kevin M. MacKay
Poughkeepsie; 845.462.0001

Joshua D. Martin
Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin, LLC
White Plains; 845.474.2687

Keith R. Murphy
The Law Office Of Keith R. Murphy
Carmel; 845.584.7033

Benjamin Ostrer
Ostrer & Associates, PC
Chester; 877.469.7577


SUMMARY. To create the list, Hudson Valley contracted DataJoe Research to facilitate an online peer-voting process and Internet research process. DataJoe Research is a software and research company specializing in data collection and verification, and conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers. To create the list, DataJoe Research facilitated an online peer-voting process. We paired this with an Internet research process to identify success characteristics. DataJoe checked and confirmed that each published winner had, at time of review, a current, active license status with the appropriate state regulatory board. If we were not able to find evidence of a lawyer’s current, active registration with the state regulatory board, that lawyer was excluded from the list. In addition, we checked available public sources to identify lawyers disciplined for an infraction by the state regulatory board. These entities were excluded from the list. Finally, DataJoe presented the tallied result to the magazine for its final review and adjustments.

FINAL NOTE. We recognize that there are many good lawyers who are not shown in this representative list. This is only a sampling of the huge array of talented professionals within the region. Inclusion in the list is based on the opinions of responding lawyers in the region. We take time and energy to ensure fair voting, although we understand that the results of this survey nomination and Internet research campaign are not an objective metric. We certainly do not discount the fact that many, many good and effective lawyers may not appear on the list.

DISCLAIMERS. DataJoe uses best practices and exercises great care in assembling content for this list. DataJoe does not warrant that the data contained within the list are complete or accurate. DataJoe does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. All rights reserved. No commercial use of the information in this list may be made without written permission from DataJoe.

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Nina Rodriguez

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