How to Choose a Moving Company


don’t be intimidated by the horror stories from friends, family, and neighbors about an experience with their moving company. Lost furniture, broken precious heirlooms, mysterious storage units nowhere near point A or B – even companies ghosting clients. It may feel like walking through a field of lousy customer service landmines. But your experience will be different. Why? Because I’m telling you the 3 things you must do before choosing your moving company. 

1. Screen, Screen, Screen!

Do your homework before trusting a complete stranger to handle the treasured armoire you inherited from your grandmother. Screen every mover for quality and trustworthiness. Take personal recommendations, and look them all up on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. If they have any negative reviews or major complaints, move on. 

2. Get an estimate in writing

Moving companies are notorious for overcharging. To avoid any discrepancies before the final bill arrives, get an accurate quote in writing. For accuracy, be honest, and tell them how many rooms you have and the square feet of your home. If you’re a minimalist, tell them. If you’re a packrat, tell them. For assurance, get the estimate in writing. Sometimes, moving companies offer attractive, low quotes and then silently charge you separately for other nominal services. However, if you get everything in writing, you’ll be able to see the fine print and compare apples-to-apples when deciding among other companies. 

3. Check the insurance policies

Insurance is what will allow you to file a claim against the moving company if something is lost, damaged, or stolen. Most jurisdictions require insurance, but it’s up to you to confirm the liability amounts. For example, those giant ships with containers stacked stories high going across the Atlantic often carry entire homes inside each one. Those shipping containers often fall off and sink to the bottom of the sea. While this is an extreme example, things happen, so it’s how you need to approach your move. Insurance coverage is paramount – so make sure that you check the policies!

Hiring a moving company doesn’t have to be a nail-biting experience. If you use the 3 tips above, you’ll mitigate many issues that could arise during the moving process. You have enough going on otherwise, so take this added stress off your plate. 

If you’re thinking about making a move (or know someone who is), I can help! Just reply back to this email or send me a text. No pressure, no sales tactics, just helpful advice and the guidance you need!

And finally, if you’re not thinking about making a move just yet, feel free to save this email for future reference, so you can come back to it!


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Nina Rodriguez

Nina Rodriguez

I'm Nina Rodriguez. I am a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Realty. I live and work in the Hudson Valley and love everything this area has to offer. If you live or thinking about moving here, you have come to the right place! Stay up to date on Events, Outdoors, Real Estate, and more. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon! See you around town! | 914.685.8222

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